Madden NFL Overdrive

Electronic Arts


Assistant Game Designer

Game Designer Intern


Madden NFL Overdrive transforms the way you play the game with the introduction of Player vs. Player (PvP). These are quick-hitting, fierce offensive battles with one simple goal – outscore your opponent.

​You’ll earn Fantasy-like scores, meaning you get points for everything you do on the field. From every rushing and passing yard to each touchdown, all of it adds to your score. There are no kickoffs, just short drives for big points. This fresh take real-time, PvP experience is the heart of Madden NFL Overdrive.

While there are a lot of exciting changes coming to Madden NFL Overdrive, you’ll still find some of your favorite modes, like Live Events, the return of NFL 24/7, and our tried-and-true Leagues. These experiences will all be elevated by everything you do in PvP. You’ll earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up for rewards that can be redeemed in each of those game modes.

My Contributions

My role on Madden NFL Overdrive was to assist in feature design, create content for the features that I lead and gameplay events throughout the season.

Feature Design

Lead the design on all aspects for Banners. A cosmetic that would accompany users’ profile image that can be acquired by completing different achievements throughout the game.

  • Created all VFX for Banners.
  • Assisted Art Team with creation of several assets.
  • Designed and implemented content.
  • Wrote test plans for QA.

Content & Level Design

For several of the seasonal programs I would design and create new gameplay events based on the program.

During our Halloween program, Most Feared, I created 15 new events that were about the different bosses of the program.

The Christmas program, Ultimate Freeze, I created arcade style events reminiscent of Breakout.

For the Combine program I created events meant to simulate the different events a player would normally have to complete in the Combine.


Launch Trailer

All Banners

Gameplay Events

Most Feared