Mission Bay Trainer

Cubic Simulations System Division

Roles: Software Engineering Intern

Software: Unreal 4, Perforce, Jenkins, InstallShield

Languages/Scripting: Unreal 4 Blueprints, C++, Batch, and Powershell

Dates: December 2015 - July 2016

Utilized Jenkins for deployment of simulation software onto test equipment. I had created a Jenkins server that followed government regulations on transferring sensitive data.

Fixed and maintained build issues in Unreal 4. When I had started, the project had not been cooked and packaged in over a year. I fixed all the errors and setup up a Jenkins server to alert everyone whenever any submission broke the build.

Created the installer using InstallShield. I had programmed it to determine which computer it was on so it would only install the necessary files and setup that the computer needed to run the simulation